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Graphic Designer & Web Designer

About Maria

A Summary

Equal parts creative and analytical with expertise in logo design, branding and website design. This combination of skills allows me to derive unique insights that inform my designs and create functionally beautiful designs.

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MEET Maria

A dreamer, designer and doer.
I am to devoted to helping business owners create a brand presence and get back to doing work that matters.

Since transitioning into design, I have been focused on creating vibrant and memorable branding that stand out from the crowd. It’s a joy to watch your business take up space and connect with your audience.

There’s nothing that I love more than doing a deep dive into your business and find opportunities to create interesting touchpoint for your business. And have a great time while doing it!

I consider myself fortunate enough to do what I love, work with clients whose work I admire, and create designs that makes a visual impact.

At A Glance

Little facts about me



I have a running list of restaurants and cafes that I would like to visit. Not only does their food look good but also tastes good.



My love affair with caffeine goes way, way back. The aroma and taste of a good cup of coffee is my ideal way to start the day.



One place you can often find me is the gym. Starting or ending the day with a solid workout helps keep me balanced.



Since I was a child, I have been doodling letters in as many different ways as possible. As an adult, my obsession with letters has extended to fonts.



In recent years I have realised that I did not need the vast amount of material things that I owned and I have embarked on a journey to adopt a simpler way of living.


Period dramas

Discovering Pride and Prejudice in high school opened up a whole you world into English literature. Binge watching a period drama is a guilty pleasure on a rainy day.


In the coaching, creative, and health and wellness industries

Why these businesses you ask? These are services that I have used for myself or been involved in for many years, so these are industries that I know and understand well. Helping businesses in these fields shine so they can get back to what they do best is what gives me joy.


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